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International Co-operation

Dfor the years 2003-2007 The National Trust of Slovakia was a seat of Secretariat of the European Network of National Heritage Organisations. NTS played a role of co-ordinator of activities and projects of this network. One of the main activities of ENNHO that time was an organisation of European Exchange Programmes. NTS organised EEP in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia, Ireland and Northern Ireland. In 2007 ENNHO became a part of worldwide community of heritage organisations called International National Trusts organisation - INTO.

The NTS was also involved (Mrs. Michaela Kubíková - a director of NTS is a member of the INTO Board and Executive Committee) in the preparation and establishement of the international organisation of all national trusts from around the world - International National Trust Organisation.
The principle mission of INTO is to promote the conservation and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage of all nations for the benefit of the people of the world. In furtherance of this mission, INTO shall have the following objectives:
  1. To foster international cooperation and coordination between National Trusts and like heritage organisations;
  2. To formulate and promote conservation best practices;
  3. To increase and enhance the capacity of individual National Trusts;
  4. To encourage the establishment and development of National Trusts and like heritage organisations where they do not presently exist;
  5. To pursue advocacy in the interests of conservation of cultural and natural heritage; and
  6. In general, to advance the objectives of the Edinburgh Declaration for the Improved Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage at the National and Local Levels (the "Edinburgh Declaration").
More information about INTO you can find on www.internationaltrusts.org.

Since 2004 NTS has played a role of Head of Slovak National Network of Euromediterranean Anna Lidnh Foundation for the Dialogue between cultures. The Foundation's main objective is to bring people and organizations from both shores of the Mediterranean closer to each other and to help bridge the gap between them. Particular importance is given to the development of human resources, with youth being the main target group.
Another priority is the promotion of tolerance among people by furthering exchanges between members of the diverse civil societies. The Foundation acts as Network of 43 national networks established by the Euro-Mediterranean partners.
More information about ALF you can find on www.euromedalex.org.

Europa Nostra
NTS is a member and coperatese with Europa Nostra - paneuropean federation of NGOs and individuals in the area of cultural heritage. More information on www.europanostra.org.
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